“Busting myths, breaking barriers”

At Planned Parenthood Toronto, we know there are a lot of things that stand in the way of guys going to the doctor.  Our Bust Tha’ Myth resource, developed out of a 2004 consultation with 41 young men and 20 service providers in Toronto, helps to identify myths that are barriers to guys accessing health services, and breaks them down.  Our workshops with young men bring us into the community, where we can talk about sex, healthy relationships, and masculinity.  We know that mental health, relationships, STIs, sex, and substance abuse are issues that young men worry about, and PPT Health Services aims to let guys know that seeing a doctor, nurse, or counsellor around these issues is a smart move. 

Through the Young Men’s Peer Project, supported by the MAC AIDS Fund in 2009-10, young men developed their leadership and facilitation skills, as well as knowledge about sexual health. They then used their skills and knowledge to deliver sexual health workshops to their peers and to develop the “It’s That Easy” campaign promoting condom use, HIV testing and STI testing.

Download a copy of the "It's That Easy" Young Men's Health Campaign order form here!





Have you heard? PPT transitioned to a new EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system! Because of this big change, instead of drop-in, we’ll have same-day appointments to serve you better!

  No drop-in? No problem!

 You’ll be able to book a same-day appointment for the day you call. Just give us a call in the morning and we’ll book you in. Call early, as these appointments book up fast and availability is first-come, first-served. Same-Day appointments are available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, usually beginning at 1pm until 7:30pm.


Saturdays will continue to have drop in hours for sexual health matters only (STI tests, pregnancy tests/options, etc.) From 10:00AM to 2:00PM.


Call the clinic at 416-961-0113 x121 for details!
Unfortunately, we are unable to book appointments through e-mail. If you wish to book an appointment, you must call the number above.


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Client Access Line - 416-961-0113 x165

If you are already registered as a PPT Client and just need a question answered by a clinician, you can call our Client Access Line at 416-961-0113 (Extension 165) to speak directly with a PPT clinician! Our Client Access Line runs weekday mornings (Monday-Friday) from 11:00AM - 11:45AM and Monday-Thursday in the evening from 7:15PM - 8:00PM.

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 Clinic Hours

Mon, Tues, Thurs: 9:30-8:00
Wednesday: 9:30-12:00;4:00-8:00
Friday: 9:30-4:00

Saturday: 10:00-2:00

  The clinic is located at

36B Prince Arthur Ave., Toronto, ON
M5R 1A9 Canada [
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