for newcomer youth

building a sense of community can be difficult when community services are not relevant or easily accessible to you
s a newcomer youth, your need for culturally relevant sexual health education, services, and programs is not being met. At Planned Parenthood Toronto, we are working to change that. We are committed to providing sexual health programming that respects your knowledge, values, and experiences around sexual health and healthy relationships.



Self-Esteem Health Appreciation Respect Project (SHARP)
Through our Self-Esteem Health Appreciation Project (SHARP), we can train you to engage your peers in conversations about sexual health, build their knowledge, and foster community.


For more information about SHARP call 416-961-0113 ext. 155 or email



Supporting Newcomer Access Project (SNAP)

Peer-Based Sexual Health Education for Newcomer Youth


What is SNAP?

Supporting Newcomer Access Project (SNAP) is a peer sexual health education and leadership project for newcomer youth in Toronto. We train newcomer youth in the city to become sexual health educators who then make and lead workshops all around the city. All of our workshops are free.


SNAP Activity Book

This sexual health activity book was created as part of the Supporting Newcomer Access Project (SNAP) at Planned Parenthood Toronto. The ideas and images for this book were created and made by SNAP volunteers during our 2015-2016 cycle of the program. We wanted learning about sex and relationships to be fun, simple and accessible, and so came up with the idea for a sexual health activity book.


Download it by clicking here or share it with others:


How can I volunteer?

We are currently recruiting for new volunteers! Check out the details for applications on our volunteering page. You can email Zaheen at or call 416-961-0113 ext. 147 for more info.


How can I come to your workshops?

If you are a newcomer* youth who is interested in attending one of our workshops, email Zaheen at or call 416-961-0113 ext. 147 to find out about upcoming workshops and how you can get involved.


I am a service provider that works with newcomer youth, how can I get SNAP to come in to do a free workshop for us?

We would love to come to your space and provide our free workshops! Please contact Zaheen to find out more about booking workshops at or by phone at 416-961-0113 ext. 147


*we define a Newcomer as anyone who is not born in Canada”


The SNAP Map was created by Newcomer Youth participating in SNAP. Click on it for the pdf version.