for LGBTQ youth

it’s difficult to take pride in your identity when it’s ignored, silenced, or treated with stigma and shame


We speak with LGBTQ youth regularly and what we’ve heard – loud and clear – is that you’re unhappy with your experiences with sexual health education in schools, and that you encounter problems when attempting to access sexual health services. At Planned Parenthood Toronto, we do more than listen. We address your concerns, we support you, and we provide access to relevant information and services designed with your unique needs in mind. We work tirelessly to provide sexual health education that is inclusive of all gender identities and sexual orientations. We promote self-care, informed decision-making, healthy sexuality and healthy relationships, so you can take pride in who you are, and who you will grow to become.

Queering Sex Ed resources & Affirmation Decks


Queering Sex Ed (QSE) is a project at Planned Parenthood Toronto that developed a sex ed resource with and for LGBTQ youth. The information and resources below have been created by the Queering Sex Ed Youth Advisory Committee.

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One of the enduring things to come out of the project has been the Affirmation Deck created by the participants. This deck has dozens of positive and powerful statements that can serve as inspirations or just reminders for when you or someone else could use them most.  To download a version of the Affirmation Deck that is formatted to print on letter size paper (double sided), click here. To get a version with just the single cards, click here. To learn more about the Affirmation Deck, click here.




Queer Identities




Body Positivity