SNAP – supporting newcomer access project

The Supporting Newcomer Access Project (SNAP): Peer-Based Sexual Health Education for Newcomer Youth


what is snap?

Are you a newcomer living in Toronto between the age of 16 and 29 years, who’s passionate about sexual health education? Then, consider volunteering as a SNAP peer educator. Supporting Newcomer Access Project (SNAP) is a peer sexual health education and leadership project for newcomer youth in Toronto. Volunteering with SNAP will allow you to engage youth from diverse newcomer communities in Toronto to address a lack of relevant, accessible sexual health education. You’ll receive comprehensive sexual health training so you can then develop and deliver peer-led workshops, activities and new media/communication technology resources.

Join us to provide information and education about:

  • healthy relationships
  • safer sex
  • consent
  • cultural balance
  • dealing with family/community/religion
  • and more as determined by you


to learn more contact: