placement opportunities

Planned Parenthood Toronto (PPT) plays an important role in the education and experience of future health and social service professionals. PPT recognizes the importance of providing students and other service learners with an opportunity to gain experience from a pro-choice community health centre committed to the principles of equity and to providing accessible and inclusive services, which promote healthy sexuality and informed decision making.



selection of placement
PPT provides placement opportunities in every programming and service area. The length of placements will vary and the ability to support placements will depend on need, appropriateness of request, and agency capacity.


Individuals being considered for a placement must participate in an interview process, which includes mandatory interview questions that reflect PPT values.



placement opportunities
The following is a list of possible placements, however, the list is not inclusive and other possibilities will be considered.

  • Administration Therapist/Counsellor BSW or MSW
  • Physician Resident


Observation: An individual who observes the programs and services at PPT, usually for a short period of time.


Participation: An individual who participates in the design, delivery or implementation of programming and services at PPT. This individual receives ongoing supervision and direction from a designated staff member.


There are also opportunities for placements from a variety of different community, social service and health related areas:

  • Administration
  • Anti-homophobia Education
  • Community Health Promotion
  • Health Services
  • Research
  • Resource Development
  • Teen Programming
  • Women’s Programming



terms of placement
Placements will not replace the work of a PPT staff member, but will broaden and enrich the work and programs of PPT.


Before the beginning of the placement an agreement will be established that outlines the respective responsibilities of PPT and the educational institution/agency.


A PPT placement supervisor will be appointed for each placement and will act as a resource, complete necessary evaluations and ensure that the learning contract is followed and complete.


Observational placements have a more informal agreement, which is negotiated between them and their placement supervisor. PPT is responsible to ensure that student requirements are met by providing appropriate facilities and/or equipment.


Once the participatory placement begins a detailed learning contract will be developed in conjunction with the placement supervisor. The learning contract will outline the placement goals and learning objectives. Learning objectives should fulfill the program objectives that have been set by the educational institution/agency and support the work being done at PPT.


Placements must be covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance and have liability insurance coverage for the duration of their placement It is the responsibility of each student’s educational institution/agency to cover full and all costs for WSIB coverage and liability insurance. PPT will require proof of coverage before a placement is started.



placement and observation requests
Forward your request to PPT in writing by e-mail, mail or fax. The request must include your intent, qualifications, anticipated length and time of placement, learning objectives, supervision requirements and other relevant information. Some educational institutions/agencies have a pre-established method of application, which PPT will follow, provided the required information about the applicant is included.


Please send your request to:
Cheryl Dobinson, Director of Community Programming and Research
36B Prince Arthur Avenue

Toronto, ON

M5R 1A9


Fax: 416-961-2512

For more information:
Call Cheryl at 416-961-0113 ext. 127 or email



responsibilities of placement

Those in a participatory placement are expected to:

  • Present themselves in a professional manner.
  • Attend orientation, training sessions and/or staff meetings as appropriate.
  • Sign and honour a PPT confidentiality agreement.
  • Notify the placement supervisor as soon as possible if unable to attend placement due to illness.
  • Accept and operate within the policies, procedures and values of the agency.
  • Seek assistance from placement supervisor at the onset of any problems/concerns.
  • Develop a formal learning contract with PPT supervisor.
  • Come adequately prepared and complete all reports, projects, etc. on time.
  • Meet all course requirements set by their learning institution.
  • Complete an evaluation of their placement.
  • Those in an observational placement are expected to:
  • Sign and honour a PPT confidentiality agreement
  • Notify the placement supervisor as soon as possible if they are unable to attend placement due to illness
  • Accept and operate within the policies, procedures and values of the agency