For Newcomer Communities


We can make accessing services easier for you!  If you need health services in a different language, we can have a translator at your appointment, we hold workshops in a number of languages, and we continue to create partnerships around the city to meet your needs.

PPT Health Services is a one-stop shop for all of your health needs.  We can arrange to have a translator present to help you access all of our services.  We also see clients without a health card, and, if you’re eligible for one, we can help you find out how to get it.  At PPT Health Services, we offer everything from flu shots to pregnancy tests to full physicals.  We have counselling services especially for youth, and we can help you find a job, housing, or any other needs you might have.  For young men, we can help you figure out what you need to know to be healthy.  For young parents, we have prenatal services to help you have a healthy pregnancy.

To make an appointment with Health Services, call (416) 961-0113.  If you need services in another language for your appointment, just let us know when you call.

PPT Community Programming provides workshops all around Toronto.  These workshops can be offered in a number of languages, to help you get the information you need.  A new initiative at PPT is a series of workshops for newcomer women in the shelter system.  We also continue to develop new programs, like the Self-Esteem, Health, Appreciation and Respect Project (SHARP) for newcomer youth, and partnerships with other organizations around Toronto.

Other places for you to explore:
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Teen Programming
LGBTQ Communities
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In an effort to improve access to appointments,  we are making more appointments available this month by changing some of our drop-in hours to booked appointment hours. Please see below for our current drop-in hours.

Regular Drop-In Hours

Monday:          1:00PM - 7:30PM 

Tuesday:        1:00PM- 7:30PM


Thursday:        1:00PM - 7:30PM 


Saturday         10:00AM - 2:00PM* 

*Sexual Health Matters Only

Note: Drop-in hours are subject to change. Check our daily update at the top of this column for today's info.As well, during drop-in, clients are seen on a first-come, first-serve basis, spots are limited, and we begin taking numbers 30 minutes before our drop-in hours begin. If you are coming in after drop-in has started, we recommend that you call ahead to ensure we still have space. To ask about drop-in availability or to book an appointment, call:

 416-961-0113 x. 121

Unfortunately, we are unable to book appointments through e-mail. If you wish to book an appointment, you must call the number above.

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Client Access Line - 416-961-0113 x165

If you are already registered as a PPT Client and just need a question answered by a clinician, you can call our Client Access Line at 416-961-0113 (Extension 165) to speak directly with a PPT clinician! Our Client Access Line runs weekday mornings (Monday-Friday) from 11:00AM - 11:45AM and Monday-Thursday in the evening from 7:15PM - 8:00PM.

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 Clinic Hours

Mon, Tues, Thurs: 9:30-8:00
Wednesday: 9:30-12:00;4:00-8:00
Friday: 9:30-4:00
Saturday: 10:00-2:00

 The clinic is located at

36B Prince Arthur Ave., Toronto, ON
M5R 1A9 Canada [
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