Bill 163

update: On Wednesday, October 25th, Bill 163, the Safe Access to abortion services act, was passed upon 3rd reading. following the completion of regulations and approval by the lieutenant governor, bill 163 will become law on February 1st, 2018.


Urge your Representative to Vote ‘Yes’ on Bill 163 to support Safe Access Zones.


Tell the Legislative Assembly to protect the right to choose by ensuring safe access to medical facilities without harassment by protestors. “Every woman in Ontario has the right to make decisions about her own heath care,” said Attorney General Yasir Naqvi, “and they deserve to do so freely, and without fear.” Since 2014, anti-choice protests have increased by 50% in Ontario (National Abortion Federation). People are being berated when accessing safe, legal medical procedures, and disturbing images are flooding public space.

Read the complete legislation here:

Help improve public safety today. Tell your MPP that anti-choice harassment can by stopped by bringing to force Bill 163, the Safe Access Zone Bill.


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What is Bill 163
MPP Contact Information
What to Say
Call-in Script
Join Our Social Media Campaign
Free Speech FAQ


What is the Safe Access to Abortion Services Act?


Safe Access Zones create a radius around facilities that provide abortion services within which protesters cannot demonstrate. By legislating Safe Access Zones with Bill 163, we can:

  • Improve public safety
  • Prevent confrontations between patients and protesters
  • Help hospital and clinic staff and clients feel safer
  • Support safe access to reproductive and general healthcare
  • Reduce graphic imagery in public space


Planned Parenthood Toronto has consulted with the Ministry of the Attorney General on crafting Bill 163. We support this Bill and ask you to do the same. On October 19th, PPT offered a deputation in support of Bill 163; read our remarks here.


Contact Your Representative


Find your riding here: 

Toronto MMP Contact Information:


  • Beaches – East York, Arthur Potts, 416-690-1032
  • Davenport, Cristina Martins, 416-535-3158
  • Don Valley East, Michael Coteau, 416-494-6856
  • Don Valley West, Kathleen Wynne, 416-425-6777
  • Eglinton – Lawrence, Mike Colle, 416-781-2395
  • Parkdale – High Park, Cheri DiNovo, 416-763-5630
  • St. Paul’s, Eric Hoskins, 416-656-0943
  • Toronto Centre, Glen Murray, 416-972-7683
  • Toronto – Danforth, Peter Tabuns, 416-461-0223
  • Trinity – Spadina, Han Dong, 416-603-9664



  • Etobicoke Centre, Yvan Baker, 416-234-2800
  • Etobicoke-Lakeshore, Peter Milczyn, 416-259-2249
  • Etobicoke North, Shafiq Qaadri, 416-745-2859



  • York Centre, Monte Kwinter, 416-630-0080
  • York South – Weston, Laura Albanese, 416-243-7984
  • York West, Mario Sergio, 416-743-7272
  • Willowdale, David Zimmer, 416-733-7878



  • Pickering – Scarborough East, Tracy MacCharles, 905-509-0336
  • Scarborough – Agincourt, Soo Wong, 416-297-6568
  • Scarborough Centre, Brad Duguid, 416-615-2183
  • Scarborough – Guildwood, Mitzie Hunter, 416-281-2787
  • Scarborough – Rouge River, Raymond Cho, 416-297-5040
  • Scarborough Southwest, Lorenzo Berardinetti, 416-261-9525


Find contact information, including addresses, for all Ontario MPPs here:


What to Say


  1. Tell them why you are calling.
  2. Tell them why Bill 163 the Safe Access to Abortion Services Act, 2017 is important to you.
  3. You can say that Bill 163 will be an important consideration for you come election time.
  4. Finally, be firm, but kind and fair. These folks probably have to deal with more than their fair share of angry people.


Call-in Script


Hello, my name is [NAME]. I live in the [NAME OF RIDING] riding. Is [MPP’s NAME] there?

I would like to talk to [her / him / them] about Bill 163 the Safe Access to Abortion Services Act, 2017.

(If the MPP is not there, talk to the assistant, leave a message, or ask for a call back. Assistants must record your call and the issue you want to discuss.)

Bill 163 is a matter of public safety. Everyone deserves safe access to medical services. Safe access zones prevent the harassment by protesters that instills fear in patients. I urge [you / MPP’s NAME] to protect the right to choose and the right to unobstructed access to healthcare facilities. I appreciate the support Bill 163 has received during the 2nd reading debate and in committee. On October 25th, I expect [you / her / him / them] to vote in favour of Bill 163.

OPTIONAL: As a concerned citizen and [PERSONAL INTEREST GROUP e.g. parent, healthcare worker, person who has had an abortion], I support Bill 163 because [REASON].

I can be reached at (Give your contact information, including: name, address, and telephone number and/or email).


Join Our Social Media Campaign #SafeAccessNow


Suggested text: I just called my MPP to support Bill 168 – Safe Access to Abortion Services Act and you can too! #SafeAccessNow

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Free Speech FAQ


What about free speech?

Government may impose certain limited, content neutral rules regulating the time, place, and manner of speech. In this case, they are doing so to enable the right to safe access to healthcare. Everyone is still able to protest so long as they remain outside the defined Safe Access Zone.

Are Safe Access Zones selectively enforced against pro-life people?

Buffer zones apply to everyone. Neither pro-choice nor anti-abortion protesters can advocate within the buffer zone, unless the advocate works at the protected facility or has been invited into the zone to accompany a person that is seeking an abortion. Buffer zones do not discriminate based on points of view.

Aren’t existing laws adequate in protecting patients and staff from protesters?

Non-violent protest outside facilities that provide abortion services are on the rise, and there are currently very few actions that can be taken to prevent them. Safe access zone ordinances are established on behalf of public safety and patient access. They provide a clear line around entrances for law enforcement officials, protesters, patients, and clinic staff alike.