board information

The role of the Board is to make certain contributions, which lead Planned Parenthood Toronto toward the desired performance and assure that it occurs. The Board’s specific contributions are unique to its trusteeship role and necessary for proper governance and management.


The Board, on an annual basis will enter into a process of self-evaluation. The contributions of the Board shall be:


  • To create active linkages between the organization and its members, clients, donors, and the people of
  • Maintain accountability by ensuring transparency in policy, process and


Written governing policies, which, at the broadest levels, address:


  • Vision, Mission & Principles of Planned Parenthood Toronto


The annual agenda of the Board may include updating the Vision, Mission and Principles of Planned Parenthood Toronto and continually improving its performance through Board education.


  • Constraints on executive authority which establish the prudence and ethics boundaries within which all executive activity and decisions must take place
  • Specification of how the Board conceives, carries out and monitors its own tasks
  • How power is delegated and its proper use


Identifying opportunities for Planned Parenthood Toronto to have a positive impact on the legislation governing issues of concern to Planned Parenthood Toronto, and assuring that Planned Parenthood Toronto is effective and timely in that impact.


Identify opportunities for securing funding from the widest donor base possible.


Although the Board will ensure long range planning, on a continued basis, the Board will follow a cycle, which will conclude each year on the last day of September, in line with Planned Parenthood Toronto’s Annual General Meeting schedule. In the first month of the new cycle, the Board will develop its agenda for the ensuing one-year period.